Our Artists

Unmatched Artistry, Captivating Tattoos

Immerse yourself in the expertise of our passionate tattoo artists at Eternal Art Chelmsford. With unrivaled skill and creativity, they craft captivating tattoos that go beyond expectations. From intricate designs to breathtaking realism, our artists bring your visions to life, ensuring each stroke is a testament to their dedication and talent.

Stevie T

Steve is our very skilled dotwork and geometric specialist.

Go check his Instagram for regular updates on his mad skills.

 Mikey T


Favourite styles: black & grey, new school, traditional & neo-tradional, full colour tattoo

I’ve been tattooing for several years after starting out as a self taught artist. I enjoy black and grey and full colour tattoos the most however I’ll always create a design to the clients requirements and ideas in mind. I draw a lot of inspiration from the video games I played as a child and my love of horror movies to create new designs. 

When I’m not tattooing you’ll find me at festivals, concerts, tattoo conventions, spending time with friends and family or walking my dog or exploring the uk and enjoying holidays with my Partner. I’m the master of the BBQ which is always popular among friends. I’m also a fully qualified carpenter and electrician which is another passion of mine”.Check out my insta page guys

http://Mike @Thedragonshand tattoo on Instagram


Scotty D

Scott Doyle 
34 years old
Tattooing for 4 years
Favourite styles are traditional and neo traditional but enjoy most styles of tattooing
When I’m not tattooing I’m usually skateboarding or with family and friends, enjoy music a lot too.